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ibexsmart- The practical, compact and versatile web app

The multifunctional web app for various needs. Programmed on Angular basis to meet the highest demands.

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As an employee app: Smooth exchange between team members

Resources specifically for employees. In a restricted area, the exchange of information is made possible. Sensitive employee information is separated from freely accessible data by a login.

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As a communication tool: Targeted displays for different target groups

Broadcast or dialogue, both are possible, i.e. communication one-way or both ways thanks to the integrated messenger. ibexsmart enables you to broadly distribute general information and to display confidential content only to authorised target groups.

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As an information system: State-of-the-art digital content distribution

Our software offers straightforward content entry. And best of all, in addition to mobile, information can also be displayed on touchscreens, infoscreens or on TV solutions.

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Benefit 1: A single communication platform

For different content types, there are different means of communication.

What if there was a solution that allowed for different formats without having to re-enter content each time?

Information as a broadcast: Content can be displayed via broadcast to all users. This ensures that everyone is informed promptly and reliably.

Communication via messenger: Our built-in messenger enables exchange between different groups. Employees can be addressed individually and personal exchanges are also possible.

Short paths: Once entered, the information is quickly distributed and displayed.

Corporate design: Best of all, the web app can be adapted to your corporate design colours, increasing alignment with your corporate identity.

Benefit 2: Intuitive handling in the backend and frontend

Content entry in the backend often raises questions or the actual representation on the display is not clean.

What if both were easy, intuitive and self-explanatory to use?

Intuitive entry in the backend: Our backend is well-structured and easy to understand with many years of experience and user feedback noticeably implemented. Admin tasks are minimised and content entry is a breeze.

Attractive presentation in the app: Clear navigation and content display makes it easy for every user to find their way around the app. There is no need for time-consuming instructions and training.

Helping hands at ipeak: And if ever any questions do arise, our support team is there for you. We guide you, train you and regularly share hacks on how your content can reach your target group even more effectively.

Advantage 3: Expandable application

There are different solutions for different communication needs.

What if there were one solution for multiple needs, locations and target groups?

Multiple needs: The versatile web app that serves different target groups and can also be used for various displays.

Multiple locations: Depending on the location and display, one content pool can feed many content outlets such as touch- or infoscreens, complementing your web app. You save valuable time and above all financial resources by entering content only once and eliminating time-consuming data maintenance in different systems.

Multiple target groups: Organisations manage many target groups. Our solution caters to all target groups, providing them with information in an uncomplicated manner for all parties.

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ibexsmart is suitable for all industries, especially for:


As a communication tool between departments and employees.

Hospitality & tourism

Optimal communication between the people behind the scenes.

Communities & municipalities

General and specific information for interested parties and residents, neatly separated.


Nursing or care homes

Internal information for the nursing staff and practical information for the residents.

All industries

Our multi-functional solution offers endless possibilities. Let us think up your use case together.


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